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What Am I Dreaming?

Have you ever woken up in the morning and wondered what on earth you were dreaming about? I was also one of those people who had no idea what my dreams meant or if they even had meaning to them. In most cases, people either brush aside their dreams or simply can not recall the details. For me, dreams are something that I always found interesting. Of course, when I found the opportunity to take a course on the Psychology of Dreams, I jumped at the chance.

Now, I am no expert in deciphering dreams, but I do have a better understanding of my dreams by applying the techniques that I learned from the course. What if you don't have dreams? Well that's just not possible. Even when we are sleeping, our brain is still in motion, creating the unique dreams. Stress is often a common factor in the ability to remember dreams and when your stressed, you usually sleep less and not as well. Our most powerful dreams occur during REM state which is when our deepest sleep occurs.

Tips to help remember your dreams:

1. Believe that you can dream- Not I think I can, but rather I know I can

2. De-stress as much as possible and try to get a good nights rest

3. Before you wake up from your dream, don't immediately open your eyes. Keep your eyes close and try to play back your dream as detailed as you can. This will help you get better at remembering your dreams in the future.


Keeping a Dream Journal

Either recording an audio/typing it in your phone or even writing it in an actual journal allows you to keep track of the different dreams you have and is quite interesting to read in the future. When recording your dream, make sure to keep it in present tense and ignore any grammatical/spelling mistakes. You want to let the words flow out as quickly as possible. It's always difficult to express a dream in words, it's like trying to explain what color a blueberry is to a blind person. It's difficult but not entirely impossible. I would explain the color of a blueberry as a color that feels melancholy but also relaxing with a pinch of mystery. Your dreams may make absolutely no sense at all but that's alright! It is also important to not only record what the dream was about but also how you felt during and after the dream. It's also a great idea to name your dreams and give them some personality! The next step is to find the hidden clues and decipher it based on your personal experience in life. Stay tuned for how to interpret your dreams!

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